A Brief Introduction to Kiera’s Story

Kiera Hermine, as far back as she remembered, never felt that she was a child, but was always aware of her consciousness and the continuity of life beyond the material world. Long before learning about reincarnation, she had the knowledge that there was a life both before and after her present one. For her, there was no more an end than there was a beginning; everything was ruled by something bigger than she. Even though she could not see it, she felt it deep down inside herself and knew it was protecting her. Moreover, when she was a child, Kiera often had the vision of a pear growing rotten with time. When she was an adult, she became aware that this vision was referential to the shape of a Buddha representing the energetic body around the physical body. The Buddhic body “corresponds to the seat of the reincarnating ego that is the Soul in Man, soul that, in the course of successive incarnations transmigrates, evolves or involves according to its behavior” (Bertholet, 1949, p 26). At the same time, Kiera was also very aware that she would not rest after her earthly life, and that she would ultimately merge into the bigger consciousness of God, where everything is one. However, she felt when she was young that she was not yet ready for that experience. When she was older, she felt more comfortable with it.

Starting around the age of 2, after she badly hurt her forehead, Kiera had a recurrent nightmare of an old wheel on the pavement, climbing wooden steps, a dreadful feeling of cold in the neck, and a horrible taste of metal in the mouth. She would wake up with a terrible feeling of death. She grew up with this dark reality and other sensations and passions she did not understand, such as being attracted to castles and seriously writing about them from an early age. She also saw herself with beautiful dresses that were too large to fit through doors. These images and impressions mostly faded with time; however, they would return once in a while after very challenging and emotional events.

In 1994, Kiera was questioning herself on her recent divorce and how badly she had hurt her ex-husband by leaving him the way she did. She was looking for the answer deep within herself, but in vain. Then, one day in October of that same year, an experienced clairvoyant came to Kiera out of the blue and recognized her as the reincarnation of Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793). She revealed to her that her childhood nightmare was the memory of her death by decapitation in that life. She told her that her ex-husband was one of the persons who did not try to save her from execution. The day following the revelations of the psychic, Kiera traveled with her to the Hamlet of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles, a place where she had never been before. There, she had strong flashbacks of that previous life, all of which the psychic confirmed.

Between the void of her nightmares and the irrational revelation of the psychic, Kiera remained skeptical, but curious. She began to research her soul-entity with the help of various therapists over several years, so that she could deepen her understanding of this possible previous life. Partially appeased by the obvious coherences that linked her present life to her past life, Kiera had, however, continued to oscillate between periods of doubt and certainty about her past identity. Her personal healing was not complete, because her wounds related to Marie-Antoinette’s accumulated traumas during the French Revolution and her violent and premature death had not, in fact, been addressed entirely. It was hard for her to accept that these symptoms could be actually related to Marie-Antoinette’s life.

However, many years later, in November 2006, as she was taking a walk around the Lake Shrine, a meditation center in Los Angeles, a Hindu psychic walked up to talk to her out of the blue. He suddenly handed her a newspaper article, which talked about “Marie-Antoinette: The Journey” the latest film of Sofia Coppola (2006) regarding the Queen. This man spontaneously called Kiera Antoine, the name used by Marie-Antoinette’s family when she was a child at the court of Vienna. He told her that he had known he would meet her to help her unlock her previous life from the jealousies of that time. Thus, nine thousand kilometers and twelve years apart, Kiera learned from two different psychics that she was the reincarnation of Marie-Antoinette.

Then, three years later, at a seminar on reincarnation, a medium came out of the blue again to tell Kiera that she had been a princess and queen several times in her previous lives. He continued by adding that this must be a burden in her life today. This revelation comforted Kiera deeply because it was exactly what she had always felt without having been able to express it.

Being the reincarnation of Marie-Antoinette was still not easy for Kiera to consider and even more difficult to accept. In 2006, Kiera, seeking deeper insight into these three strange messages and hoping to reconcile this unusual information, came for hypnotherapy sessions with me. Over six months, I helped her to work more deeply on her traumas from her previous life, aware that, as the psychiatrist, Judith Lewis Herman (2015) notes, “the dialectic of trauma is therefore potentially self-perpetuating” (p. 47). I also undertook thorough research on Kiera’s apparent previous life as Marie-Antoinette. Because there were many historical writings on the last queen of France, researching her was easy. Thus, I could combine and compare the elements of the life of Marie-Antoinette and that of Kiera, based on information revealed in her sessions. We continued to work together on her case after the end of her therapy sessions on an ad hoc basis until this project of “One Soul-Entity in Three Different Lifetimes,” was completed in 2020. Some of this information was gathered prior to revelations of the history, and some of it afterwards, as revelations of details from her former life opened up a doorway into her deep knowing. 

The many traumas Marie-Antoinette had to endure were among the hardest to overcome: the deaths of her loved ones, including her son, her best friend, and her husband; the betrayal of her brothers-in-law and other members of her family of origin who refused to come to their aid.  She also bore the imprint of the constant insults and humiliations by revolutionaries for four years starting in October 1789 when she and her family had to leave Versailles to be secluded in the Tuileries and under house arrest in the Temple prison in August 1792. It was then followed by her being kidnapped from there in August 1793 and isolated in the Conciergerie prison. She suffered the deletion of her royal rank and name, the death of her husband, the loss of her children, her final and terrible isolation without her family in the prison of the Conciergerie, and her beheading in October 1793.

These past-life memories were stimulated by the birth of her daughter in her current life. They were Kiera’s strong catalysts to trigger her past life recall from her subconscious into her conscious awareness. Indeed, Marie-Antoinette suffered terribly from the death of her eldest son just before the French Revolution, as well as from being taken away from her two children in the four months before her execution. Moreover, the incident of falling and hitting her head at the age of two when she slipped and fell on the floor corresponded to a wound Marie-Antoinette had when she hurt her forehead on her way to the prison of the Conciergerie two months before being beheaded.

As research went further with Kiera, I became passionate about her story. I naturally considered the possibility that she had been influenced by cryptomnesia, which means that she might have forgotten a memory that was retained subconsciously, but remembered it at some point as an episodic or semantic autobiographical memory. Indeed, when Kiera was young, she visited Versailles with her parents, where Marie-Antoinette lived, and the prison of the Conciergerie, where the queen had been jailed. Like all French children, she had also studied Marie-Antoinette’s story at school. However, because of the messages of two different psychics and the revelations in our historical research of many synchronicities and similarities between the two lives, I believed that cryptomnesia was at work.

In the course of our work together, one other lifetime previous to her life as Marie-Antoinette was revealed to Kiera. This other life was Hurrem Sultan’s (1506-1558), who lived in Turkey. My research clearly showed the continuity between Kiera’s three lives and the evolution of her soul. It also confirmed that an individual will return from one life to another with biographical similarities, as well as the same physical, emotional, mental, aspirational, and relational characteristics. The goal is then to heal old traumas from previous lives, finish what the individual has not been able to complete in her previous life, reinforcing not only the purpose of her life, but also of her entire soul group, and continue her soul evolution. “One must release the deeper Self – to become the higher Self. Yet, the reverse is equally true: one cannot hope to reach the higher Self if one holds the deeper Self at bay” (Daniels, 2004, p 87).

Through an analysis of Kiera Hermine’s case of reincarnation, I show the similarities and emotional ties that were found between her incarnations, as well as how and why how symptoms of PTSD from her previous lives arose to be healed in her present life. I then relate this to the evolution of the soul encompassing the whole. Indeed, as Burton Daniels, author of The Integration of Psyche and Spirit (2002) puts it, “the process of development must return to its base, the vital levels of being, [to] begin its integrating ascent” (Daniels, 2004, p. 83). In order to do this, I must present in detail the biographies of the three women in order to help the reader understand the connections Kiera made as she explored over many years the similarities in personalities, interests, tastes, and the healing and balancing out of traumas and karma. While this may seem tedious, it is necessary in order to elucidate how HEAR works.

In this way, this blog reveals the powerfully effective process of psychological, emotional, and psychical healing contributing to the soul’s evolution resulting from HEAR.  Its aim is to testify to the hypothesis of the phenomenon of reincarnation and how the soul evolves and resolves imbalances and harms from lifetime to lifetime.


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