Group of Souls, Recognition Memories

Recognition memory is an important sign of reincarnation. According to Von Ward (2008),

“Well documented cases for a group of living individuals who clearly manifest the traits and behaviors as did their reputed past-life counterparts should interest the public. Let’s assume the study shows that the individual cases in the alleged cohort and the group’s current dynamics are proven to reflect the historical record. The weight of those combined findings could make it the most persuasive case in history for a theory of reincarnation. Demonstrating the impact of inherited legacies on the way people actually live today might help people understand that even if history does not repeat itself, the same personalities do” (p. 202).

I studied a particular group of souls, with the same assumption that an individual returns from one life to another not only with a biography “of a being of the same nature” (Steiner, 1904, p. 78) as oneself, but also with the same physical, emotional, mental, aspirational, behavioral, relational, and eventual characteristics. These characteristics allow the individual to continue her soul evolution and finish what she has not been able to complete in her previous life. That helps her reinforce not only the purpose of her personal being, but also of her entire soul group.