Past-Life Therapy


Independent from logic, time, and space, the subconscious mind stores memories of past-life experiences. A past-life talks about an emotion or a belief that is hidden from your conscious mind and holds you back in the same suffering situations over and over again. A past-life experience does not necessarily mean that it belongs to a former life; it can be a part of your present life you have forgotten for different reasons and irrationally affects you in your everyday life.

Knowing your past life helps you realize that everything happens for a reason in the larger plan of multiple lives. It gives you the opportunity to accept the earthly limitations you have to deal with, as a way of improving yourself. With this awareness, you easily master your emotions and your thoughts, become responsible for who you are and what you do, transform your relationships and continue the unfinished business of your previous life.

Past-Life Therapy is a therapy for development, balance, and energy.

For more information, you can reach me at:

You can also make an appointment at: (schedules are CET)

NB: Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or on video.

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