One Soul – Four Lives is available on It is based on the theory that an individual can understand and realize herself through an examination of her personal and karmic history. It uses the analysis of one or several of her previous lives by means of research accessing historical data, combined with psychotherapy and hypnosis sessions to uncover more information. Following the HEAR© methodology (Historical, Evolutionary, and Affinity Reincarnation), this material is then compared to the life of the individual who is incarnated today.

To better explain the phenomenon of reincarnation and HEAR methodology, One Soul – Four Lives tells the story of Kiera Hermine. Her dreams and many inexplicable coincidences and synchronicities connecting her to three past lives as Hurrem Sultan (1506-1558), Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), and Carrie Salter (1875-1949), aunt of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, helped to compare her personal autobiography and her exceptional human experiences to the historical material available on these women.