I developed HEAR from 2006 to 2012 based on my work with a former client, Kiera Hermine.[1] Her dreams and many inexplicable coincidences and synchronicities connecting her to two past lives — Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) and Hurrem Sultan (1506-1558) — pushed me to compare her personal autobiography and unfolding Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs) to the historical material available on these women, as a detective would do.

In the course of our collaborative work together, Kiera wrote a detailed autobiography and, over time, added to it as events unfolded while we worked. I started with in-depth and meticulous historical research about Marie-Antoinette, as this was the first life to present itself to her. I found books by well-respected authors and google searches and pieced these findings together for her to review and incorporate into her healing process. As I provided this information in extensive reports to Kiera, we then exchanged many emails. This process in and of itself triggered many EHEs, such as reliving Marie-Antoinette’s experiences at certain key points in her life, intuitive recognitions of people in her current life and their relationships in France. When further emotional processing and information was needed, we scheduled psychotherapy and hypnotherapy sessions, some of which enabled her to relive Marie-Antoinette’s experiences both before and after her beheading. With her permission, I wrote them down and sent them to her for her review with the understanding that doing so would continue to be therapeutic and open up more past-life memories and synchronicities. Then, as our work neared an end, I compiled in a paper the story of her journey for her further enrichment and closure. Kiera reviewed everything I wrote several times and added additional information as it came to her.

After we worked together for six years on the case of Marie-Antoinette, I developed HEAR. Afterwards, Kiera subsequently received information about one other previous life as Hurrem Sultan. This case of reincarnation shows how similarities and repetitions allow the individual to become aware of her soul and choose to contribute to its evolution.

[1] All names used on this blog referring to clients and related individuals are pseudonyms to protect their privacy.